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Eton White Pin Collared Slim Fitting 8080 45566 00 at

White Slim Fitting Pin Collared Shirt - Eton Collection

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£119.00 £59.50

8080 45566 00

Eton Red Ribbon
Formal shirt
Plain white twill
Slim fitting body
Pin collar fastening
Single cuffed
Eton Shirts single cuff has double button holes so a cuff link can be worn
100% wrinkle free cotton

Styling Advice & Information

Not only do Eton's Red Ribbon shirts look great, they perform great as well.

These business shirts form the centrepiece of Eton’s shirt collections. In addition to a wide variety of exciting patterns and colours, the Red Ribbon shirt also features careful detailing sure to catch the eye. Artisanal tailoring available in three body shapes together with a number of cuffs and collars ensures an impeccable fit. Moreover, thanks to a special spinning, weaving and finishing process, and the fact that we only use the highest quality cotton, we guarantee our Red Ribbon shirts will look great all day.