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Eton Shirts - Contemporary fit - 2290 79311 53 Pink & Blue
Eton Shirts - Contemporary fit - 2290 79311 53 Pink & Blue

Contemporary Fit Pink & Navy Shirt - Eton Collection

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£129.00 £64.50

2290 79311 53

Eton Shirts
Fabric 2290 Striped twill
Colour 53 Pink & Navy stripes
Body 33 Contemporary fit
Collar 79 Cut away collar
Single cuff
Eton Shirts single cuff has double button holes so a cuff link can be worn
100% Wrinkle free Cotton

Styling Advice & Information

The Eton contemporary fit Shirt makes up the core of the Eton Shirts collection. The contemporary fit Eton Shirt is a darted shirt, it is shaped but not a slim fit. It offers Eton Shirt customers a garment which is comfortable to wear without being baggy or looking “old-fashioned”. Available in a large range of fabrics, collar shapes and cuff details the Eton Shirts contemporary fit shape provides you with all the options you could require to complete your formal outfits. Ted Williams Menswear offers a comprehensive collection of Eton contemporary fit Shirts