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Made For You

by Ted Williams Menswear/media/pages/library/4647wb096bfb983dbfd5b4cb8ba54860e6435e43020151105183727231.jpg

 “Made For You” by Ted Williams Menswear is the perfect way to create the garment you want without all the hassle associated with the traditional bespoke process.

Using a range of try-on jackets and trousers as a fit guide we take a series of measurements to ensure the correct fit. The beauty of this is that you will immediately have a clear idea of how the finished garment will look.  You won’t have to rely on the word of the man with the tape measure. You then choose the cloth from a huge range of swatches, the lining fabric, and design details, and away we go.

By choosing “Made For You” by Ted Williams Menswear you can go through the creative process of selecting your fit, construction, cloth, lining, buttons, lapel shape, pocket style etc... Your suit will be made for you to your specifications, and all this without the need for multiple time-consuming fittings. The process is creative, easy and very enjoyable.

For further information please visit the store or call us on 0121 354 6807.