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Vilebrequin Logo

Created in Saint-Tropez in 1971, by a man sketching a design for trunks on a checked table cloth, Vilebrequin swimwear is the name in luxury swimwear.

Meaning ‘crankshaft’ in French, the brand is synonymous with colourful and practical swimwear. Vilebrequin swim shorts are made out of spinnaker canvas, a quick drying fabric in sun and wind, the quality of the shorts is plain to see.

Vilebrequin shorts have a one-piece mesh lining which makes them comfortable to wear, and they feature such details as a button hole stitched into the back pocket which avoids the ballooning effect usually experienced when entering the water in other shorts.

The original model designed in the 1971, called Moorea, is still in production today. Their quality and unique colourful patterns makes Vilebrequin swimwear the swimming short benchmark. If you wish to buy Vilebrequin online Ted Williams Menswear is one of the UK's leading online Vilebrequin retailers.

Vilebrequin Clothing